Summer is finally here!

With such a large range of 'mini games' you'll find something for every adventure. Perfectly sized for packing & playing wherever you end up, whether that is a sunny beach holiday, a fun-filled family camping trip or a picnic in the park. 

Preschool licences MOG The Forgetful Cat and The Tiger Who Came To Tea, offer perfectly-sized memory card games. Memory skill games are fantastic for pre-schoolers especially when they star characters from their favourite story books!


Looking for ways to keep kids entertained whilst on the move? The Are We There Yet? game will help time fly by whilst travelling and prevent children and adults from becoming bored by looking out of the car or bus window for objects, situations, vehicles and people as shown on your cards. Are We There Yet? is a classic I-Spy card game for kids on the move! Great for 6+ years and 2+ players, so everyone can get involved. Another fun-filled family game is our award winning, Speedy Words. Speedy Words is a great fun-packed, fast-paced game for the whole family, just be the first player to say a word that matches the category and letter, to win the card! Packed in to a compact, handy tin it's the perfect game to take on-the-go. 


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