Project Genius - Perfect for Father's Day.

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Father's Day is fast approaching, and with our amazing selection of games and puzzles, you'll be sure to find the perfect gifts to stock your shelves!

Take the pondering and puzzling out of gift buying this Father's Day. We've made it easy with our great selection of Project Genius gifts - perfect for the 'True Genius'.

Put their brains to the test with the True Genius Dendera. Twisting the top layer of the maze opens new pathways for both of the ball bearings to navigate from their respective start-to-finish paths through the constellations of the ancient night sky.

Are they worthy? Thor’s famed hammer Mjolnir is known for the strength required to wield it, but it will take real strength of mind to disassemble and reassemble this Norse-themed brainteaser. 

Perfect for every puzzler, the Ecological 6 Pack of Bamboo brainteasers that are tough on the brain but easy on the environment! 

All "New for 2024" lines, such as the Caesar's Calendar and the Grecian Trick Lock are now available.

Interested in stocking these great products? Be a 'True Genius' and register your interest today.


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