Steps Towards a Better Future

Strides in Sustainability

Here at University Games we are making positive strides in improving our environmental impact as we continue with our aim to be the most environmentally friendly games and puzzle company in the UK. Our commitment is to remove ALL shrink wrap and other single use plastic from all our products wherever possible and to ensure that all our outer packaging and product packaging are fully recycled and fully recyclable wherever possible. We will continuously work towards getting greener every day!

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Taking Steps to Protect Our Planet Logo
In our Warehouse the team are making changes to reduce Carbon emissions and incorporate renewable sources of energy.
Our warehouse are:
  • Offsetting Carbon emissions with TSP Fulfilment
    • We recently moved our warehousing to TSP Fulfilment who is proud to say that they’ve offset their carbon emissions, meaning they’re a certified carbon-neutral fulfilment company. TSP are setting the bar in the industry, with their dedication to offsetting their carbon emissions setting them apart from other fulfilment companies.
  • Moving their fleet over to Electric Vehicles
    • Continual rollout of electric vehicles is part of our company car strategy. Electric forklifts and associated warehousing handline equipment utilised at our warehouse facilities wherever feasible. 
  • Using Solar Power
    • At our new 200,000 sq ft Southampton warehouse, roof mounted solar panels have been installed, which is believed to be the largest in the UK. The panels also more than double the existing solar power generation on the port at Southampton.
  • Making Transport Efficient
    • Ensure that the maximum amount of space per vehicle is occupied whilst selecting the optimum route therefore reducing the amount of emissions.
  • Minimising Waste
    • A full review of the waste strategy will be conducted to ensure that we have the best single stream waste solutions for the business to ensure the maximum efficiency in recycling and a reduction in our waste to landfill.


Choosing Charity

Banksy Puzzles

As Banksy remains anonymous we will take the usual artists royalty we would pay any other artist for their work and, if not claimed by the artist each year, we will donate to a charity to help the homeless. 

We have chosen to support Centrepoint, a charity that supports homeless youth and aims to end Youth Homelessness by 2037.

As of 1st December 2023 our total donation to Centrepoint was £3,130. We look forward to adding to this donation every year! 

Banksy Puzzles

Christmas Jumper Day 2021

For Christmas 2021 the team at University Games got together and raised £65 for Save the Children by participating in Christmas Jumper Day.