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Stiff Upper Lip Game

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Stiff Upper Lip Game


An hilarious Who Am I? game with a hairy twist! This family friendly game will see players holding up moustaches and asking Who Am I? Names of famous people are printed on card moustaches each player selects a moustache without looking at the name to hold up or stick on. Taking it in turns to ask yes or no questions player need to try and be the first to discover who they are! The first person to guess correctly, wins the round and the player with the most moustaches wins the game.  For extra fun, there are also blank moustaches for players to write their own characters on for the other players to see if they can guess which celebrity they have above their lip! This fun-packed game is great for dinner parties and family occasions and packaged in a colourful tin, it makes a wonderful gift or travel game. Suitable for 2+ players, age 8 years and over.