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The Alphabet Game

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The Alphabet Game


The Alphabet Game is a hilarious fast-paced categories game with a twist!  A fun-packed, easy to play game for the whole family with see players needing a lot of quick thinking to stay in the game!  First a card is selected from the deck, this provides the category, each player then has to name something from the category in alphabetical order. For example, if the category was animals the player who selected the card might start with antelope, the player to their left might say bear, the person to their left might say cat, dog, elephant, frog, giraffe, hippo etc. If a player can’t answer when it comes to their turn though they have to pick up a trick card for use in the next round! Packaged in a colourful tin the Alphabet Game makes a great gift as well as a brilliant travel game for the whole family. Suitable for 2+ players, age 8 years and over.