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Plasticine Ready Steady Sculpt!

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Plasticine Ready Steady Sculpt!


Ready, Steady, Sculpt! A hilarious, fast-paced family game of modelling charades. Players need to blend, sculpt and model their way to victory by creating a sculpture that their teammates must guess what it is within the time limit. With 340g Plasticine in various colours, 50 cards and a sand timer, players have 2 minutes to create a sculpture from the items and objects in the deck of cards, but will your teammate be able to guess what you have been crafting?  Each card lists one easy and hard sculpture to create, players can earn one point for guessing the easy sculpture and 2 points for a tricky sculpture! Ready, Steady, Sculpt contains real Plasticine which never dries out, a childhood favourite with great nostalgic appeal.  Perfect for 2+ players ages 8+ years.