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Hanayama Brain Teaser - Equa

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Hanayama Brain Teaser - Equa

Have you got the skill, the patience and the finesse to master the Hanayama Equa puzzle?


Created from solid cast metal the beautiful sphere-shaped brain teaser represents a planet surrounded by its ring. Positioned snugly inside the ring, the planet element looks as though it cannot be removed. It may appear that all it can do is rotate on its axis but is this really the case? This brain teaser commands a 5 out of 6 difficulty rating and is certain to challenge your mind, dexterity and patience! Once you have managed to separate the planet element from the ring, the next step of the challenge is to reposition the planet snugly back inside the ring. The Hanayama puzzle range has been meticulously designed and developed over more than a quarter of a century. These puzzles are incredibly addictive and put all levels of puzzler to the test.  The Hanayama Puzzles make a great gift for teenagers and adults, especially those who thrive on the mystery, collectability and the endless challenge that these Brain Teasers provide.  For all puzzlers age 12 years and over.

Safety warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small Parts, choking hazard.