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Mrs Browns Boys Card Game

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Mrs Browns Boys Card Game

Mrs Brown’s Boys, The Ultimate Card Game is a must for any fan of the award-winning hit comedy TV series


For two or more players, this fun, fast paced game will have you all in fits of giggles but you’ll have to think fast to create your story and beat the buzzer aka Mrs Brown!  The Ultimate Card Game is easy to play, shuffle the word cards and deal out 10 to each player. The first player starts to tell a story, whilst talking they must include one of the words from their cards, as soon as they have they place the card down and shout next, the next player then continues with the story. The aim is to be the first to get rid of all of their cards. This may sound easy but Mrs Brown’s buzzer is there to make this game a whole lot more fun! You must say your word before the buzzer goes off! If Mrs Brown giggles then you get a reprieve and to reset the timer, if you hear ‘that’s nice’ or ‘would you like a cup of tea love?’ the next player has to pick up all the discarded word cards but if she mutters one of her other famous phrases then those discarded card go back in your pile!  Mrs Brown’s Boys Card Game makes a hilarious after dinner party game and with a 100 words such as Leprechaun, lipstick and a hairnet to be included the cheeky story creations are endless! For age 16 and over.


Contents: 100 word cards, timer, rules

Warnings: Not suitable for children under 36 months, small parts, choking hazard.