University Games launches Forbidden Games Strategy Titles with Waterstones

Exclusive New Ranges

University Games is excited to announce the launch of the Kickstarter phenomenon, Forbidden Games, in the UK, with a range of four strategic games, that are available exclusively from Waterstones.

Born from a Kickstarter campaign in 2018 and launched in the US, the Forbidden Games titles have gone from strength to strength in the strategic games market. The latest addition, Mosaic, that launched this autumn, exceeded its original Kickstarter goal by eight times.

Now available in store and online from the bookshop giants, Waterstones, are; Racoon Tycoon, a gateway game for strategic game players age 8 years and over, as well as Mosaic, Lizard Wizard and Dungeon Party; challenging but accessible strategy games, that take approximately two hours to play and are suitable for age 10 years and over.

Richard Wells, Managing Director for University Games and the Lagoon Group, is thrilled to be introducing the Forbidden Games titles to the UK market. “The last three years has seen a huge growth in strategy games sales as consumers spend more time indoors and seek fun, at home entertainment. These strategy games are easy to learn, but offer a challenging games play, as well as encouraging creative thinking and extend play time, to keep the whole family entertained.

“This innovative and exciting strategy games range represents our commitment to an expanding category within the games and puzzle sector, and an important additional string to the University Games’ bow,” added Richard.

Glenn Drover, Founder and Creator of Forbidden Games, said “It is an honour and a privilege to be represented on the shelves of such a storied retailer as Waterstones. I hope that their customers who buy the games, enjoy playing them for years to come.”


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