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Bigger is Better Trivia Game

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Bigger is Better Trivia Game


Bigger is Better, the game where size really does matter! This entertaining trivia game for adults is a game of measurement…biggest to smallest, heaviest and lightest, longest to shortest. Players just need to put the four options in the right order but in this game, guessing is half the fun!

First player choose their wipe-clean answer boards – will you choose a pickle, a hot dog, a candy cane or a hamburger? Then the first player reads out the four options, for example: Can you sort these by distance from longest to shortest?

  • Distance a bullfrog can jump
  • Distance a cat can leap
  • Distance a camel can spit
  • Human male world record pee distance

Players write their order choices on the wipe-clean answer boards before the answers are revealed, players score one point for every answer in the correct position.  The next player then take the turn of question master, play continues until the first player reaches 20 points or more.

This fun, easy to play, trivia game is for 2-4 players age 18 years and over and makes a great after dinner party game for adults.

Warning: Adult content, for age 18 years and over.